Sunny Leone: Need in women of today to accept themselves as they are

Sunny Leone
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Mumbai– In a new transformation video on the occasion of Women’s Day, Sunny Leone is seen celebrating winning over the challenges in the form of judgmental and sexist comments, uncalled criticism for her dance steps, non-cooperation from the industry and also, the industry boycotting her at awards functions.

“Women play multiple roles in their life … of a daughter, wife, mother, sister and so on. To make everyone around them happy, they sometimes compromise their real-self. I would like to encourage all women to come and join me today and celebrate their real-selves without worrying about others. This day belongs to us…the female power,” Sunny said.

“I feel there is such a huge need in the women of today to accept themselves as they are and most importantly to love themselves in their own skin,” she added.

Sunny’s video came as a participation gesture in a campaign launched by the short video platform Moj titled #Unfiltered campaign. Launched on International Women’s Day, the campaign encourages women to break away from social taboos and prompting them to be their genuine selves without any filter in their lives.

The #Unfiltered campaign also features top women creators going through a reverse transformation as they break-away from their existing mould and go back to their original, unfiltered versions, showing the world that their self-worth is not defined by how society wants them to look and act.

The campaign aims to encourage women to celebrate their innate beauty and express themselves freely and confidently. (IANS)



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