Summer beckons kids back to camps

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New Delhi– Summers are the most awaited breaks for young kids around the world. Finally, after being confined to their homes for almost two years, they are eager to go out and play. The summer bring loads of fun-filled activities and workshops for kids that help them break free and de-stress from their usual routines. Especially parents who are concerned about their childs growth and development are best served by these activities and workshops. These non-academic activities encourage the kids to explore beyond the boundaries of their homes and make their holidays exciting and fruitful.

Check out our handy guide to some exciting activities and workshops you can enroll your kids in, this summer:

British Council’s Summer Camp 2022: The British Council is back with Summer Camp 2022 for kids aged 4 to 17. A fun and unique two-week, engaging online or classroom learning experience to help your child develop essential life skills to succeed in a global world. Witness your child build confidence and improve their communication skills through storytelling, drama, speech, debates and much more!

When: 25th April 2022 onwards

Link: Summer Camp 2022

Parent and Child Lake View Camping by PugMarks: Parent and Child is a fun camp with the primary objective of providing a first enjoyable outdoors experience to the young one. So enjoy the camping experience, games, and activities, secure knowing that mother/father is somewhere close-a perfect getaway for unwinding yourself and nature staring at you from everywhere. So pack your bags to drown yourself in nature. A feel never to be forgotten.

When: 29th April 2022

Link: Parent and Child Lake View Camping

Barry John’s Acting Workshop for Children: For the theatrically inclined children {8-15 years}, Barry John’s Acting Studio provides a great summer camp that includes skit performances and even writing your play, complete with character development and dialogues. In addition, the children get a certificate of participation to take home at the end of 4 weeks workshop.

When: Details available on demand

Link: Barry John’s Acting Studio – Young Actors Club

Storytelling & Puppet Making for Kids Online by British Council: If you are looking for a short yet innovative workshop for your kids, British Council’s Storytelling & Puppet Making workshop is just the right pick for you. A day-long fun workshop for kids to spark their creativity, develop essential life skills, and love for the English an exciting journey of a story along with puppet making. The workshop will be held online and entails two anchor puppets welcoming kids, followed by a storytelling session, an action game, and puppet making.

When: 30th April 2022

Link: Storytelling & Puppet Making for Kids Online

Story Time by Magic Bean: Through storytelling, children benefit from vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing, and memory. It improves their listening skills and encourages creative writing, thinking, and problem-solving. Most of all, an engaging storytelling session improves the attention span of a child. The programme has chosen classic stories with engaging activities pertaining to each story to make it an all-rounded, rewarding programme. The activity includes Storytelling, Memory Games, No fire cooking, Fine & Gross motor activities, Music & Movement, and Art & Craft. (IANS)



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