SparkOffer Allows Users to Autonomously Buy and Sell Homes Via Mobile and Web Devices

Mike Russo
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BOSTON – SparkOffer, a new PropTech service that allows users to submit and accept real-time offers on for-sale homes, announced its official launch.

SparkOffer creates an entirely new transaction process that modernizes how homes are bought and sold by allowing users to interact and manage home sales directly via a web-based dashboard. The software creates a streamlined process and makes selling a home possible without requiring verbal interaction between other users or real estate agents. This system puts buyers and sellers in control and speeds up the traditional sale process with real-time capabilities.

SparkOffer creates a transparent and user-friendly service for all participants, including cooperating agents, in the real estate transaction. Buyers can begin the process by submitting an offer with a credit card deposit from desktop, mobile and tablet devices. Sellers then receive offers for review in real time via email and text alerts, can accept or decline offers from their own devices, and negotiate counter offers to potential buyers via the internal messaging system.

“SparkOffer is the first of its kind to provide users an entirely web-based home buying and selling experience that requires virtually no verbal communication between buyers and sellers,” said Mike Russo, founder and developer of SparkOffer and Particip8 Realty. “The platforms were inspired by 20 years of multifaceted experience in luxury real estate and auctions, software building and traditional sales, to provide a streamlined, time-saving process that benefits agents and consumers. We are using modern communication and technology to speed up the initial offer- and counter-offer process.”

SparkOffer was designed to bring the speed and simplicity of the auction business to the traditional offer process, and creates an all-inclusive, secure and transparent means for home buyers to interact directly with sellers. While other PropTech entities focus on allowing buyers to simply view online listings, SparkOffer users can interact and make binding offers, with or without the assistance of a buyer’s agent. Buyers can quickly walk through a simple offer process, use a credit card for the initial deposit and sign offer agreements from any device, while sellers receive immediate text and email notifications of their offers and can provide real-time feedback to interested buyers.

SparkOffer was developed and founded by Russo, who also developed Particip8 Realty, a digital home-selling service that saves users money by self-managing tasks typically handled by brokers that drive up fees.

Utilizing comprehensive experience in global luxury real estate and auctions, as well as software development, Russo created SparkOffer and Particip8 Realty with the goal to provide agents and self-represented users simplified tools to modernize and increase productivity in the home-selling process. For more information on SparkOffer, visit



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