Southern Cinema Briefs: Manju Warrier, Amyra Dastur, Kamal, Baahubali, Shriya Saran, Sabu Cyril

Tamannaah Bhatia
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Women-centric films alone won’t bring change: Manju Warrier

Chennai–Popular Malayalam actress Manju Warrier on Monday said women-centric films alone won’t change the attitude of men towards the opposite sex in society.

Speaking at the first edition of India Today Conclave South here, Manju said: “Women’s safety should not be at the mercy of men.”

“Women-centric films alone won’t change how men treat women. The change happens when the whole outlook of the society changes.”

Actress Shriya Saran, who was part of the panel with Tamannaah Bhatia and Amyra Dastur, too, echoed similar thoughts.

In light of the recent mass molestation incident in Bengaluru, Shriya said: “It’s important that everybody is treated as individuals first. Irrespective of our sex, we are all individuals.

“We talk about making women-centric films all the time. So many men go to watch these films, come out and still tease women,” she said, and added that strict action against ill-treatment of women is one way to bring change.

“When will we realise that justice delayed is justice denied. We don’t take how women are treated seriously. Incidents against women continue to happen because those who are booked come out on bail easily. And they do it again and again,” she said.

Tamannaah Bhatia

Tamannaah stressed on the importance of teaching women self-defence.

“My experience of working in ‘Baahubali’ has made me brave. It has given me killer instincts to protect myself. As women, it’s important how we learn to protect ourselves,” she said, heaping praise on Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

“I like how Akshay has trained a lot of women in martial arts. Men should come together and teach women around them the art of self-defence,” she added.

Actors’ fees very small part of ‘Baahubali’ budget, say producer

Chennai–Remuneration of actors was a very small component of mega budget “Baahubali” franchise, Shobu Yarlagadda, the film’s co-producer, said on Monday.

Speaking at the first edition of India Today Conclave South here, he said only a tiny fraction of the film’s budget was allocated for the remuneration of actors.

“Most of the film’s budget was spent on the making. I’m happy that way the money didn’t go waste. The remuneration of actors constitutes only a small component of the total budget,” Shobu said, adding that the two parts in the franchise were made under a budget of Rs 450 crore.

He said a lot of people in the industry thought he was stupid to invest so much money into a film.

“There were times I asked myself if I was doing the right thing. We didn’t know the kind of returns the film will fetch until release. Industry folks thought I was a fool to spend so much on a project,” he said.

The second instalment in the “Baahubali” franchise is due for release on April 28.

The high cinema gives is unmatchable: Shriya Saran

Chennai–No other profession can match the high that cinema provides, says actress Shriya Saran, who has been acting since she was 17.

Shriya, who is now 34, on Monday said: “Cinema is the only profession where you get a high even at the age of 65 when you land a great role.”

She was speaking at the first edition of India Today Conclave South, and said that she considers herself extremely lucky to be an actress.

“Look at Amitabh Bachchan. Even at his age, he gets to play great characters. At his age, if you’re in a different profession, would you be allowed to do anything? I doubt. I feel blessed to be an actress,” she said.

On the acting front, Shriya awaits the release of Telugu historic drama “Gauthamiputra Satakarni”.

2000 people worked daily on ‘Baahubali’: Sabu Cyril

Chennai–National Award winning art director Sabu Cyril on Monday said nearly 2000 people worked under his supervision on S.S. Rajamouli’s “Baahubali” franchise daily for five years.

“The experience of working on two parts of ‘Baahubali’ has been equivalent to working on ten films,” Cyril said at the debut edition of India Today Conclave South here.

Despite working on over 100 films in his career, he said: “The learning on working in ‘Baahubali’ has been immense. From being an art director to being an engineer and architect, I’ve donned several hats while working on this project.”

Talking about the scale of work that has been going on in the project for over the last five years, he said: “On an average, 500 to 2000 people worked with me daily since (its) inception.”

“Baahubali: The Conclusion”, the second film in the franchise, will see actor Prabhas return as Amarendra Baahubali.

With the second part in the franchise slated for release on April 28, 2017, the makers are wrapping up the project as quickly as possible.

BJP slams Malayalam film director Kamal

Kozhikode– Taking up cudgels against ace Malayalam film director Kamal, the Kerala state BJP on Monday said that he was made the Chairman of the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy by the CPI-M government for terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi a “man-eater”.

“He (Kamal) is one who has the mental make-up of someone who supports religious fundamentalists. If he is unable to live in the country, he can best leave the country and go elsewhere,” the state General Secretary of the BJP A.N. Radhakrishan said.

“All know that he got the post of the Chairman because he termed Modi a ‘man-eater’,” he added.

Radhakrishan’s statement comes at a time when the BJP is undertaking four ‘yatras’ across the state.

Radhakrishnan also demanded that the pictures of Che Guevara, the Argentine Marxist and a Cuban revolutionary figure, be removed from the villages of Kerala as he is a “bad influence on the youths”.

“The CPI-M should instead put the pictures of their leaders like E.M.S. and A.K. Gopalan, and not that of Che,” added Radhakrishnan.

Kamal came under attack from the BJP for his remarks at the International Film Festival of Kerala in December last year over the playing of the national anthem in theatres before screening of films.

Malayalam director Kamal assumed office of the chairman of Kerala’s apex cinema body in July last year.

Amyra taught Jackie Chan Hindi ‘bad words’

Chennai– Indian actress Amyra Dastur, who has shared screen space with international megastar Jackie Chan in upcoming multilingual action-comedy “Kung Fu Yoga”, said she taught him a few bad words in Hindi.

“He’s probably the most humble superstar you can come across. He’s like a fireball of energy and working with him was so inspiring,” Amyra said here on Monday.

She was speaking at the first edition of India Today Conclave South.

“He’s someone who cares so much about people around him. Even on sets, he insists everybody had lunch and dinner together,” she said.

Recalling a funny incident while filming, Amyra said: “I remember teaching him a few bad words in Hindi. I taught him a bad word for ‘Namaste’, and when he wished Sonu Sood, we all had a good laugh.”

Directed by Stanley Tong, “Kung Fu Yoga” is slated for release on February 7 in India.





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