South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston Celebrates its 15th Anniversary This Year

SABA GB President Keerthi Sugumaran
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BOSTON–The South Asian Bar Association of Greater Boston, known as SABA GB, celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

“The organization is planning several events and initiatives to recognize the momentous occasion, including a special anniversary event on March 6, 2019 at Sullivan & Worcester LLP,” SABA GB said in a statement.

In addition, SABA GB also announced the 2019 Board of Directors.

“SABA GB’s new board looks forward to serving the South Asian legal community and individuals of South Asian descent,” the statement said.

The Executive Committee is comprised of Keerthi Sugumaran (President); Karishma Jiva Cartwright (Vice President); Hanok George (Treasurer); and Avinash Rao (Clerk).

The 2019 Board Members are: Sahar Basaria (Mentorship); Deepa Desai (Public Relations); Mathew Eapen (Mentorship); Anuj Khetarpal (Know Your Rights); Rakhi Lahiri (Membership); Aditya Perakath (Know Your Rights); Zaheer Samee (Membership); and Mona Zafar (Public Relations).

SABA GB, a local chapter of the South Asian Bar Association of North America, provides a forum for professional development, legal scholarship, mentorship, business networking, community development, and support to attorneys and individuals of South Asian descent.

The organization serves as the regional voice for the historically underrepresented South Asian population across the Greater Boston regions and within the local legal bar. SABA GB accomplishes these goals through its fellowship programs, mentoring, substantive seminars, panel discussions, collaboration with members of the bar and community service initiatives.

Among its many initiatives, SABA GB’s Know Your Rights program, which provides training to community members on a variety of practical legal topics, has received widespread recognition.


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