Singer Shalmali on cyber bullies: The consistent judging needs to stop

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Mumbai–Singer Shalmali recently coloured her hair silver for a new look. However, the constant trolling that followed has forced the artiste to speak up against cyber bullies.

“What ticked me off was the consistent judging and that needs to stop — not just for celebrities, for everyone. We are free to colour our hair in whatever colour want, at whatever length. And the same goes for every boy or girl out there who wants to experiment with their looks. We need to stop confining ourselves within stereotypical norms. It’s about time that hair colour, length, skin colour, weight should not become parameter for people’s judgement,” she told IANS.

While the singer is not pleased with the pesty attitude of online trollers, she reveals that she was expecting some reaction.

“Well, I can definitely say that I was expecting a reaction because social media has given everyone the freedom to voice their opinion. The reactions have varied from beautiful to mean but you take them in your stride. 2020 has really taught me that as long as you are true to yourself, you shouldn’t let the negativity deter you, ” says Shalmali.

She asserts that she doesn’t let anyone drive her fashion choices.

“I believe in myself, my music, my fashion. It works beautifully for me and it may not work for some people but I don’t seek external validation. I create music that makes me happy, I wear clothes that make me happy. I just do what make me happy. I can safely say that it’s the best headspace I have been in since as long as I can remember,” she shares. (IANS)



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