Singer Nikitaa unveils her new song ‘Goddess’

Nikitaa (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Singer-songwriter Nikitaa has come up with a new song “Goddess”.

“I wanted the song to have some tribal elements, which is why you hear gong-like instrumentation, tablas, and other percussion elements to compliment this idea. I wanted the song to have this sense of wildness – wild as in tribal, earthy – but at the same time be confident and composed.

“I started writing this song about 2 years ago, and it has changed at least 5 to 6 times since then (mostly musically) because I kept feeling like I hadn’t done the song justice. As we refined the song I introduced more tribal melodies to accentuate the main vocals,” Nikitaa shared.

Shot on her phone, video of “Goddess” was created during the lockdown.

” I wanted to write a song about who a Goddess is, and what she commands from those who wish to be in her life. A Goddess is fierce, a Goddess is multidimensional, a Goddess demands truth and devotion, a Goddess asks for a person who will put in the effort! These demands are clearly set out in the song,” Nikitaa added. (IANS)


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