Shruti Haasan has a musical treat in store for fans

Shruti Haasan
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Chennai– Actress-singer Shruti Haasan will be uploading unseen footage of her music tours and giving a sneak peek into her original tracks on her YouTube channel.

Shruti has performed extensively across the UK and has been working towards her debut album.

“I had a lot of fun interacting with fans on social media and I think an active YouTube channel is the next logical step,” Shruti said.

Talking about its content, she said: “It will contain all my original content, BTS footage and videos from my performances and tours.”

She had earlier told IANS about the difference between performing in the West and India. “It depends on the kind of audience anywhere in the world. Have they come there to hear the music the artiste is presenting or have they come there with preconceived notions? It happens to the biggest artistes of the world.”

Giving an example, she said: “It could be Beyonce. You may want her to sing ‘Crazy in love’, but maybe she doesn’t want to and they could feel disappointed or they could say ‘No, we love Beyonce and would love to hear anything that she wants to sing for us’.

“The beautiful thing is because I have a repertoire of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi songs, and the audiences abroad are mixed, it’s been really amazing that they come there for English music and they understand the journey — that Shruti is writing in English and this is her form of expression and they appreciate that. That is very special to me.” (IANS)


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