SETU stages locally-produced Ramayan this weekend

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ramayana-costume-cBELMONT, MA– Stage Ensemble Theater Unit, known as SETU among the theater community in Greater Boston, is staging epic Ramayan play this weekend in Belmont, MA. The play is directed by Subrata Das. In the past, SETU has produced and staged plays like Mahabharata and Shahjahan.

“Ramayan brings lifestyle props that you get to see only in Broadway productions or movies. See the King of birds, Jatayu come alive on stage,” says Dhanashree Ramachandran, a member of SETU and one of the actors in Ramayana.

Ramachandran said that 12 of SETU’s committed artists have written the script of this play, which is written in English.

“Costumes of Ramayan are specially designed to bring an authentic expression of the time to you. Made in India, Ramayan costumes set new standards for universal aesthetics,” Ramachandran said.

She said Ramayan is portrayal of an epic from a humanistic angle.

“For the SETU team, humanistic is not just looking at the epic from a human angle but actually living the epic as humans since the avatar of Lord Ram was a human avatar,” Ramachandran said. “This thousands of years old epic calls for elevated levels of understanding of dharma and values even today.”

Dhananshree Ramachandran
Dhanashree Ramachandran

She said dances have been an integral part of SETU productions and continuing the tradition of originally choreographed dances, Ramayan brings a melodious treat for the audience.

“Epics like Ramayan are intricately woven in the fabric of social and cultural fabric of India. This is a great opportunity to take a look at Ramayan for what it means today,” Ramachandran said. “Ramayan is definitely something you must enjoy with your family and friends.”

The four shows of Ramayan are scheduled as follows: Oct 21, Friday- 7:00 pm; Oct 22, Saturday- 2:00 pm and 7:00 pm; and Oct 23, Sunday:  2 pm at Belmont Town Hall Theater, Belmont, MA.

For more information, visit SETU website:  www.Setu.US.

Crew & Backstage …

Costumes & Jewelry           ……..      Noorain Buxamusa, Jayanti Bandyopadhyay

Choreographers                  ……….      Vasudha Kudrimoti, Shirin Bakre

Lighting                & Sound                                ……..      Prateek Paul, Marcus, Ravi Nimmagadda

Music                                     ……..      Pra Deep, Meena Sundaram

Publicity and Web              ……….      Nirmal Kumar, Ravi Nimmagadda

Gate and Snacks                  ……….      Jayanti, Janique, Japneet, Nidhu, Ajay, Rishi

Makeup                                 ……..      Gopika Narula, Dipali Trivedi, Ridhima Mahajan,

                                                                Urmi, Noorain, Rohini Pola

Stage Management             ……..      Deven Atnoor

Tickets Management           …….       Nirmal Kumar

Posters                                   ……..      Harun Razith

Script (scenes 1-15)            ……..      Dhannashree, Kumkum(2), Jayanti, Nilay, Rohit(2)

Chandrika, Ajay Jaisingh, Ravi N., Yogita,

Sridhar, Nilay, Subrata, Sridhar, Monisha;

                                                                Narration pieces – Nilay

Script Editing                      ……..      Subrata, Nilay, Rohit, Jayanti

Fund Raising                       ……..      Kumkum Pareek Malik

Assistance in Direction      ……..      Aditi, Jayanti, Je-Kori

Cast …


Dasarath               King of Ayodhya                                 Ravi Kacker

Kausalya               Wife (1) of Dasarath                           Shamita Behl +

Kaikaye                 Wife (2) of Dasarath                           Kumkum Pareek Malik

Sumitra                  Wife (3) of Dasarath                           Urmi Sahni +

Ram                        Son of Dasarath & Kausalya            Rishi Naik/Ajay Jain *

Lakshman              Son of Dasarath & Sumitra               Ganesh Davuluri

Bharat                   Son of Dasarath & Kaikaye              Nirmal Kumar +

Shatrughna          Son of Dasarath & Sumitra               Ajay Jain/Rishi Naik *

Janak                     King of Videha                                    Sanjay Kudrimoti

Sunetra                  Janak’s Wife                                         Monisha Prakash/Yogita Miharia *

Sita                         Janak’s Daughter/Ram’s Wife          Yogita Miharia/Monisha Prakash *

Urmila                   Janak’s Daughter/Laksmn’s Wife    Dhanashree Ramachandran

Mandavi                                Janak’s Daughter/Shtrgna’s Wife   Aditi Taylor +

Shrukirti                                Janak’s Daughter/Bharat’s Wife     Shirin Bakre +

Manthara              Maid of Kaikaye                                  Chandrika Shah

Vishwamitra         Preceptor of Ram                                                Ravi Nimmagadda/Nilay Mukherjee+*

King 1                    King in Janak’s Swyamvar                                Sushil Motwani +

King 2                    King in Janak’s Swyamvar                                Je Kori Koteswara Salmon +

Palace Guard       Ravan’s minister                                  Purvi Shah


Ravan                    King of Lanka                                      Nilay Mukherjee/Ravi Nimmagadda *

Mandadori           Wife of Ravan                                      Nidhu Nids

Vibhisan                                Brother of Ravan                                 Rohit Chandra

Meghnad               Son of Ravan                                        Je Kori Koteswara Salmon +

Surpanakha          Sister of Ravan                                    Aditi Taylor +

Prameela               Wife of Meghnad                                 Japneet Kwatra

Trijata                   Rakshasi at Ashok Vatika                  Urmi Sahni +

Rakshasi                Rakshasi at Ashok Vatika                  Shamita Behl +

Guard                    Guard in Ravan’s court                     Nirmal Kumar +


Vali                        King of Kiskindha                               Ravi Nimmagadda/Nilay Mukherjee+*

Sugreev                 Brother of Vali                                     Sushil Motwani +

Hanuman              Vanar Warrior & Narrator               Sridhar Pola


Jatayu Bird           Queen of Eagles                                  Shirin Bakre +

Golden Deer         Maricha in Disguise                           Ishaan Naik

DANCERS:          Swasti Bhargava, Pallavi Gupta, Vasudha Kudrimoti, Susmitha Mallidi,

Nishtha Saxena, Rakhee Wagal

+ dual role, * double casting  (2 shows each)



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