Sachin Sanghvi’s monsoon song ‘Barse dua’ out now

Sachin-Jigar (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Composer and singer Sachin Sanghvi has tried to thank the rain gods for endless memories through his latest song.

In keeping with the tradition of creating music inspired by rain every year, Sachin of the Sachin-Jigar duo, worked on “Barse dua” for 2020.

Featuring the composer-singer, the music video of the song depicts the celebration and captures the vibe of the season.

“I’m extremely excited for when the monsoon season kicks in. Through ‘Barse dua’, I have tried to thank the rain gods for endless memories. I think monsoon season is the lifeblood of the earth and this is my way of showing gratitude towards it,” said Sachin.

“Composing the song was very therapeutic for me and I wish it spreads the same sense of peace and happiness to all those who hear it,” he added.

Composed and sung by Sachin, and written by Bhargav Purohit, “Barse dua” is now available on all streaming platforms. (IANS)


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