Ricky Kej’s project nominated for SDG Action Awards

Ricky Kej (Photo: Twitter)
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Bengaluru– Grammy Award-winning Indian musician and environmentalist Ricky Kej’s “My Earth Songs” has been nominated for The UN SDG Action Awards.

Kej’s “My Earth Songs” project has been nominated as a finalist from over 2000 entries from organisations and individuals from 142 countries. The winner will be announced on May 2 at a special awards ceremony held at the SDG Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Germany. Kej will be attending the ceremony.

The UN SDG Action Awards recognises individuals, civil society organisations, sub-national governments, foundations, networks, private sector leaders who are advancing the global movement for the Sustainable Development Goals in the most transformative, impactful and innovative way.

Kej’s “My Earth Songs”, which are 27 children’s rhymes, is a set of songs based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These songs highlight the needs of the planet, and the action that the people of this planet need to take to correct the imbalances and ensure a clean, green planet for generations to come.

It aims at enlightening the young through music, igniting in them that spark – to be responsible and spread awareness among their peers and everyone they interact with.

“I am beyond thrilled to be nominated for this meaningful and prestigious award. ‘My Earth Songs’ is a sincere effort to ensure a new generation of environmentally connected human beings,” Kej said in a statement.

“Everyone needs to play their part to create a more environmentally conscious society. I believe as musicians, we must use our art to raise awareness on sustainable development, and the best way is to start with children.

“Our audience will sing our songs, and keep humming them many times a day. One goal will catch their attention, followed by another, and another, becoming a topic of conversation that will build into a cause for action.” (IANS)


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