Rare folk arts showcased at ‘Prakriti: The Creative Feminine’ exhibition

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New Delhi — A series of rare and unseen art works, created through age-old traditional techniques which portrays the multiple hues of nature finds space at the ongoing ‘Prakriti: The Creative Feminine’ exhibition.

The exhibition showcases carefully chosen 158 works of around 80 folk artists from across the country whose works have an element of nature — scenes from the village, murals or even contemporary interpretations.

The exhibition, curated by Alka Pande, brings in the finest works of Gond and Jogi artists which showcases nature and local festivals like Karwa Chauth, Deepawali, and Ahoi Ashtami rendered in bright, multi-coloured hues of life.

Jogi art presents village life, birds and animals in a contemporary style.

The art collection also presents the mystical designs of Tanjore, the nineteenth century Kalighat art of Kolkata and the age old mythical Patachitra paintings from rural Bengal.

It also includes the Bhil art of house painting and the mural like paintings of Warli from Maharashtra.

Organised at Visual Art Gallery in the India Habitat Centre, the exhibition will continue till March 12.


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