Ranveer Singh has huge appetite for risk, says that’s what makes a film memorable

Ranveer Singh
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Mumbai–Actor Ranveer Singh, who was recently seen in ’83’, believes in taking risks as they come with a higher pay off. For him, the high risk value is what makes a film or a character memorable.

Defining his journey and progression as an actor, Ranveer says, “I have taken some really big risks. It does nothing for me if there is no high risk involved. Higher the risk, higher the pay off. I am like a free flowing spirit. I don’t wish to be defined because I feel putting a person in a box is limiting.”

The actor admits to working towards building a filmography that has a depth, “I am consciously and subconsciously shaping my filmography. And I am going to do more of this because there is no other way. I am really hoping that the filmmakers continue to give me such roles where I can really do something. Today, it’s been 20 years plus for a movie like ‘Lagaan’ but I remember ‘Lagaan’. I remember the film, the characters.”

He stresses upon the importance of memorable characters, saying, “So, for me, it’s important to do characters that have an everlasting memory and that continue to give joy to people over generations like my favourite film ‘Life is Beautiful’ that I can watch ‘N’ number of times, it still touches my heart.”

“Films that can make you laugh, cry and entertain you forever and forever those are the films that I aspire to be a part of. I am an actor first before being a star,” the actor concludes. (IANS)


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