Rajini scripts anti-climax to his political dreams, backs out

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Chennai–In an anti-climax to his much-awaited political plunge, southern superstar Rajinikanth on Tuesday announced his decision to back out citing his health condition. He even described it as a sign from God to not pursue it further.

In a three page letter posted on his Twitter handle, Rajinikanth said despite severe precautions taken at the shooting of “Annatthe” movie four persons tested positive for coronavirus.

The actor said while he tested negative for Coronavirus, his blood pressure fluctuated and hence was hospitalised in Hyderabad.

Rajinikanth said the doctors had advised him that fluctuating blood pressure will affect his transplanted kidney.

He said the movie shooting got postponed resulting in the loss of crores of rupees and jobs for many.

“All because of my health condition. I am looking at this as a warning given to me by the God,” Rajinikanth said.

The actor also said it is not possible to bring out an uprising amongst the people campaigning via social media after floating a party.

“I have to address public meetings, meet lakhs of people,” he said.

According to him, even in a group of 120 persons (movie shooting team) he was in hospital for three days owing to some people testing positive for coronavirus. And now there is a new virus mutant.

Rajinikanth said as he is taking immunosuppressants, anti-coronavirus vaccine may not be effective and if his health gets affected his fellow political passengers might face various problems.

“Hence with much regret I am saying that I am not in a position to start political party and enter politics. Only I know the pain when I announce this,” Rajinikanth said.

He also tendered his apologies to his fans and others who would be disappointed with his decision of not entering politics.

The actor said without entering politics he will serve the people.

Rajinikanth also recalled his remarks that he would enter politics even risking his life and added that people would speak in a different manner.

Earlier the actor had also said that it the people’s victory if his party wins the elections and it is people’s loss if his party losses at the hustlings.

Rajinikanth had said he would announce his political plans on December 31 float the party in January 2021 and before that he has to complete his movie commitments.

With Tuesday’s announcement, Rajinikanth has downed the curtains for his political plunge.

On December 31, 2017, Rajinikanth had announced his decision to float a political party to practice ‘spiritual politics’ and contest all 234 Assembly seats in Tamil Nadu in 2021.

The actor said at that time that his entry into politics was a “compulsion of time” since the country’s politics had gone wrong.

Rajinikanth had remarked that while earlier kings would invade other countries and loot them, nowadays political parties were looting their own people under the guise of democracy. The system needs a change, he added.

After 2017, Rajinikanth has voiced his views on some issues. In the wake of anti-Sterlite Copper smelter plant protest in Tuticorin and killing of 13 persons in police firing, he said that Tamil Nadu would turn into a graveyard if protests were held for everything.

Later, he said that he was not a mouthpiece of the BJP and attempts were being made to paint him in saffron.

With Tuesday’s announcement, Rajinikanth has downed the curtains for his political plunge and the long run show that ran for several decades has finally come to an end. (IANS)



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