Rahul Mishra’s artistic magnificence at Paris Haute Couture Week 2021

Rahul Mishra
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By Tanya Banon

New Delhi– While countries slowly open their borders, Rahul Mishra’s Couture Fall Collection 2021/22 ‘The Shape of Air’ is reminiscent of adventure to the Aegean Sea and inspires one to look forward to a season of beauty, elegance and travel.

Mishra, the first ever Indian designer to be invited to showcase his collection at the Paris Haute Couture week delight with this showing of creative genius. The designer showcased an ensemble of artistic expressions in couture. The digital show featured a recollection of the overall experience, of how a physical space is perceived by the eyes and felt by a soul. Inspired by a holiday to Santorini before the pandemic, the designer found himself answering questions that we had forgotten to ask ourselves — about simple things that seem to bewilder only a child, which overwhelm one to observe the unseen details that make up experiences.

The line-up featured five elements — earth, water, fire, air and space, combined in right proportions: a physical space. The designer recreates the city of Santorini with its elements into clothing. The glistening blue sea, bathing in the bright sun, the salty wind and pink bougainvilleas and sewed and woven into ensembles in a formidable artistic voice.

“Intricate details rendered in hand embroidery�hand cut and individually tacked on the bright hued, ombre surfaces. Pinched, gathered and sheered lengths of tulle representing air and water in their different interpretations gives volume and movement to the otherwise sculptural silhouettes. Some of the other applications include dramatic draping of sheer fabric, to create a fluid bubble around the garments,” said the designer in his note.

Mishra, an advocate of sustainable and slow fashion continues to promote its values with this collection. As the world recognises the value of slow fashion, Mishra states he, “feel(s) elevated confidence in our intentions and pride, for our entire team of artisans, weavers and embroiderers that wholeheartedly contribute to the realisation of our dreams, come what may”.

AIRdrome Art Installation created the ‘Winds of Change’ set to rejoice in the spirit of art and to explore its direct relevance to our lives and communities. (IANS)



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