Practice Hair Yoga for Shiny Hair: Happy hair comes from a happy person

Jawed Habib
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By Jawed Habib

Hair Expert

Long, luscious, shiny, lustrous  hair makes us feel pretty and feminine. There is very simple way to achieve thick, beautiful and voluminous hair.

All one needs to do is Hair Yoga by  following  a healthy, balanced diet, have meals on time, drink milk, consume lots of water, spend some time with oneself (maybe a morning walk alone) and most importantly, smile  for healthy, lustrous hair. Happy hair comes from a happy person.

Jawed Habib

Everyone thinks that good shampoos, conditioners and expensive salon treatments can make hair healthy and beautiful. But we actually are completely unaware of the reality.  Good products and treatments are definitely important for hair but only such things cannot make it healthy and beautiful.

Hair care is beyond products and treatments. Understanding hair and its needs make things less complicated. Water is important for hair health.  But not just drinking some 1-2 liters a day is all you need.  Water for hair means drinking it well and rinsing it well.

Drink plenty of water to make your hair hydrated and use plenty of water to rinse shampoo from it.  Water plays the most important role in hair wash and other treatments. What you apply on hair has to be rinsed well finally.  Use cool water for hair always. The pressure of water should be good while washing and never compromise on it’s quantity. Either don’t apply any hair care product or make sure you have enough water to wash it off.  If you understand the water rule for hair, half of your hair problems are solved.  It’s simple – drink it well, rinse with it well.

To maintain hair in good condition, it is important to understand its needs.  The problem with youth these days is too much fashion and little or wrong hair care.

Following trends is good, but taking care of  hair is important.  The main thing is to keep hair moisturized and in good shape.  Young people think conditioner daily or an occasional spa treatments is enough.. No!  Hair needs natural conditioning daily. Preconditioning is the answer –  apply oil for 5 minutes daily before wash. Use basic oils and not blends.  Wash hair with normal hair shampoo,  no other shampoo is required. Cut hair regularly,  which means about 8-10 weeks. No chemical experiments at home and healthy lifestyle.

The crux is preconditioning and daily wash. It keeps hair healthy and beautiful. This hair care regime works for all kinds of hair & conditions. Now when it comes to styling,  most young people are confused and simply follow the trends.  Trends should be followed but according to the hair.  Always remember trends are temporary but your hair is permanent, be wise.

Work on balanced cuts.  Haircut is the foundation of a good look.  Don’t keep the length too long, long hair is not easy to look stylish.  Get color,  honey blonde, hazelnut and khaki blondes are good options to get instant spark to the hair.  Always go to professionals for hair styling,  they know your hair more than you. So it’s easy now –  Preconditioning, Daily wash and balanced styling to make your hair look the best.

The only secret to wonderful hair is to keep it clean. It’s a must to wash hair everyday with a shampoo that suits that hair type. Most people believe that shampoo causes hair-loss which is not correct. Shampoos contain chemicals, but so does soap. Your scalp needs to be cleaned just the way your face does. A clean scalp prevents dandruff and greying. In case you need to use an anti-dandruff shampoo, use it just once a week  says  Hair Expert Jawed Habib

I believe hair grooming is a science. A hair dresser is both your doctor and your designer. He will know exactly what to do with your hair, according to your personality, skin tone and hair texture. You need a hair-cut every 6-8 weeks to remove dead and damaged hair and enable it to grow more.

Contrary to popular belief, oil has nothing to do with hair growth. Especially in south India, where hair is naturally frizzy and dense, people who have been using hair oil for ages believe that it helps hair growth and keeps it healthy. Oil does nothing but bring down the density of hair to manageable proportions — which can also be done by hair re-bonding and use of serums.

Short, shoulder-length hair can make any woman look beautiful. The shorter her hair is, the younger she looks. A hair-dresser can read and feel hair and a hair cut that originates from his or her mind and not eyes, makes the perfect cut.



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