Bookends: A poetic journey, a saga of lifetime and an adventurous tale

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Embark on a poetic journey where love and friendship gain new identities. There’s also a unique literary experience that combines poems, short stories and plays in a single book.

Then, a woman’s journey in a world where time and history are fluid while she stays young; and finally, a search for treasure dictated by traveller Marco Polo. Check out the weekend book fare that IANS offers.

1. Book: All the Answers I Shall Ever Get; Poet: Tanya Mendonsa; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 149; Price: Rs. 350

The dark sideLove and friendship are probably the two eternal themes for exploration in poetic world and Tanya Mendonsa’s second collection of poems revolve around these two themes that take readers to a world seen anew with a lyricism that never ceases to astonish and delight.

A collection of passionate longing and profound loss, Mendonsa’s directness and simplicity are reflected in the poems which are intimate, terrifying, uplifting and ultimately liberating.

2. Book: the Dark Side of Light; Poet: Sanil Sachar; Publisher: Rupa; Pages: 268; Price: Rs. 350

A vignette of romance, comedy, murder, mystery and much more, Sanil Sachar’s second book is a unique literary experience for readers with its combination of short stories, poems and plays.

The book drifts readers away into a different world, with its rhythm of poetry, alluring art of story telling and realism of theatre to create an enriching and vivid experience.

3. Book: Once Upon a Time; Author: Ashok Srinivasan; Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 167; Price: Rs. 499

Born in an old-fashioned joint family, Brinda has a detailed memory of things that happened before her death. She is brutalised, gang-raped and arrested without any charges being filed.

But in a world where time and history are as fluid as her memory, she stays radiantly young while those around her decay and age. Ashok Srinivasan’s debut novel is a fairy tale with some of the harshest cruelties of our time.

4. Book: The Prisoner’s Gold; Author: Chris Kuzneski; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 370; Price: Rs. 399

What if Marco Polo’s travel story is not complete? What if his greatest adventure is yet to be discovered? Guided by a journal believed to have been dictated by Marco Polo himself, a group sets out in search of his final legacy gathered during the traveller’s lifetime of exploration.

But the road to treasure is not easy. As every ancient clue brings the group closer to the truth, each new step puts them in increasing danger. Will they succeed? Read on to find out!



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