Planet conservation one of the most critical issues: Farhan Akhtar

Farhan Akhtar (Photo: facebook)
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New Delhi– Actor- filmmaker Farhan Akhtar says that it is important to raise awareness about the planet’s conservation as that has become one of the critical issues nowadays.

“Planet conservation is one the most critical issues that we are facing and it is time we raise awareness around this complex challenge,” Farhan told IANS.

Farhan Akhtar

“Environmental stewardship is a joint responsibility and to address this, we need more and more people to come forward and work together to contribute towards a sustainable future. On screen, we all love to see an actor performing role of a hero. People too can help defeat such issues and become a real life hero by contributing in initiatives such as Lights, Camera, Earth,” he added.

National Geographic, the global expounder of planet conservation, kicked off ‘Lights, Camera, Earth’ on Earth Day on April 22.

It is a storytelling crusade focused on harnessing the power of the word to help build a better tomorrow. Fronted by Farhan, the drive is a call to citizens to save the Earth through stories that spark change in the world.

Commenting on this initiative, Swati Mohan, Business Head, National Geographic and Fox Networks Group India, said: ” With ‘Lights, Camera, Earth’, we wanted to extend this very important mission of planet conservation to our readers, fans and viewers – as we believe that when it comes to a purpose like saving our planet, there are only more stories to be told!

“We are thrilled to have one the most celebrated story tellers of our times, Farhan Akhtar, on the jury along with us to help us inspire the next generation of story tellers that will have their stories seen on a national stage.” (IANS)


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