PETA awards Dino Morea, Ketan Kadam for e-carriage initiative

Dino Morea (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai– People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India has presented entrepreneur Ketan Kadam and actor Dino Morea with its Innovative Business Award for bringing e-carriages to Mumbai through their electronic, battery-driven carriages business, UBO Ridez.

At a special event over the weekend, the group also gave “Compassionate Business Awards” to Cleartrip for announcing a new animal welfare policy that ends the promotion of animal rides, and to Tata Power for introducing teachers from 250 schools to PETA India’s humane education programme, Compassionate Citizen.

Compassionate Citizen is a humane education programme which is designed to help students aged 8 to 12 better understand and appreciate animals.

“Our award winners are blazing a better trail for animals and have won a special place in the hearts of their fans or customers and PETA India,” PETA India Director of Celebrity and Public Relations, Sachin Bangera, said in a statement.

“Animals have found compassionate allies in UBO Ridez, Cleartrip and Tata Power,” Bangera said.

PETA India said its investigations of Mumbai’s horse-drawn carriage industry found that horses were often injured, fell sick and were severely malnourished; forced to stand amidst their own waste in filthy and decrepit stables; and frequently denied adequate rest, water and veterinary care.

In June 2015, the Bombay High Court ruled that using horse-drawn carriages, or Victorias, in Mumbai for so-called “joyrides” is “completely illegal”.

In July 2017, the high court accepted the rehabilitation plan submitted by the Maharashtra government for horse-drawn carriage owners and drivers, allowing horses to be removed from Mumbai roads and drivers to receive a payment and/or a vendor licence, thus ensuring their livelihood.

PETA India said more than 50 travel agencies, including global operators such as TripAdvisor, The Travel Corporation, Intrepid Travel, smarTours, STA Travel and TUI Group, have committed to not offering activities that exploit elephants.

Elephants used for rides are typically chained when not in use, beaten during trainings, and live under the threat of violence. (IANS)



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