Papon sings a new romantic song with Shashaa Tirupati

Singer Papon
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Mumbai– Singers Papon and Shashaa Tirupati have collaborated on a new single titled Siyaahii. Shashaa calls the sing a baby that has been nurtured with a lot of affection, patience and care.

“Siyaahii” is a romantic track that talks of the permanent effect certain people have in one’s life, and end up getting inked to your heart.

“We’re all a little damaged. It’s about fixing scars with another permanent mark that someone leaves on you for life, but through care, sacrifice, healing and affection,” she said.

The song was partially shot in Vancouver, Canada, where she is based, and in Assam where Papon currently stays.

“My friend Raymond has shot the video and the talented Samir Maharjan has worked on the cover artwork from Kathmandu,” said Shashaa.

The audio was out on September 4, while the video will go live on September 15.

” ‘Siyaahii’ is a baby that’s been nurtured with a lot of affection, patience and care. I have composed, written the song and sung on it alongside one of my favourite voices in the country, Papon,” said Shashaa.

In the past, Shashaa has recorded independent songs like “Oceans rained”, “String of air” and “Hum kahaan hain”. (IANS)


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