Paparazzi in New York unbearable, says Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi (Photo courtesy: PopSugar)
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Mumbai– Supermodel, TV host, cookbook author and socialite Padma Lakshmi, says in India she can move freely and that the paparazzi culture in New York is unbearable.

Asked how different is the paparazzi culture in India different from the ones internationally, Lakshmi told reporters: “I would imagine somebody like Priyanka and you are coming from this culture to that culture it could be quite a shock because she is already such a big star here (India).

Padma Lakshmi (Photo courtesy: PopSugar)

“So she would be used to of a lot of attention, but it doesn’t really compare. It’s not on the same level at all. Here I have been able to move freely, people are very respectful, they ask if they can take a picture most of the time…in New York it is pretty unbearable,” she added.

The supermodel was here to walk as the showstopper for designer Tarun Tahiliani’s latest collection titled “Chashme Shahi” at the Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Summer/Resort 2017.

Lakshmi says she also has had the paparazzi parked right outside her door.

“If you are somebody who is a movie star, it can be really be obnoxious and I have friends in that situation. It’s not pleasant and can be dangerous,” she added.

The “Top Chef” host is also promoting her two culinary books in India and says her tour here has been really wonderful.

“When I come to India I dont work here. I just find more time to spend with my family and I have always missed having a grown up life in India. So just to go around the country and travel with my two books is been quite moving,” she said.

Lakshmi thinks that her book has resonated with the people here.

“It’s been great to have the feedback from people, who have read it and I wanted the Indians to like it a bit more it was very important for me that it resonated it with everyday Indians. I am very happy to say that I think has,” she added.

Lakshmi is looking forward to going to four more cities to promote her books. She will be travelling to Hyderabad, New Delhi and her last event will be in Chennai on Valentines Day.



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