Not a single blot of corruption against my government, says Modi

Narendra Modi
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Washington– Projecting his government’s success in the areas of fighting terror and graft, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that there has not been a single blot of corruption against his regime and no country has questioned the surgical strikes conducted across the border.

Addressing the Indian diaspora here, he also promised a supportive environment for developing the country matching the progress in the US.

Calling corruption as the root cause for which previous governments were changed in India, Modi said his government has emerged corruption-free in the past three years.

“Governments were changed because of corruption. The common people hated this… There has been not a single blot on our government in the past three years. And governance is being modified so that honesty becomes an in-build process,” he said to a cheering audience.

“Technology is helping with that,” Modi said.

“Increased usage of technology brings transparency in systems. When I think of a developed India, I think of a healthy India, particularly the good health of women and children of our nation,” he said.

Talking about the army’s surgical strikes on terror launching pads across the border on October 26 last year, the Prime Minister said no country has questioned the government’s action.

“The entire world could have raised many questions and pointed fingers at us over the surgical strikes. But, not a single country questioned India’s surgical strikes against the terrorist launch pads in Pakistan (last year). Those (Pakistan) who suffered because of this, is a different thing,” Modi said.

Narendra Modi

Maintaining that the entire world is suffering because of the menace of terrorism, which is against mankind, the Prime Minister said, “When India spoke about terrorism about 20-25 years back, for many countries, it was beyond their understanding. For them it was a law and order problem, because they were not the sufferers. Today, it is not required to explain what’s terrorism. Terrorists have themselves explained it to them.”

“But when India conducts surgical strike, the world understands India is a patient country but if required, it knows how to demonstrate its ability,” said Modi.

“We are bound by international laws. We believe in the idea of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family). This is our character,” he added.

Modi also said: “We do not want to disrupt the global order. Following the international norms and law, in order to ensure that the sovereignty, security and peace is maintained, we are capable of taking very stern action.”

Addressing the diaspora here as “members of family”, Modi promised a developed India in their lifetime.

He said their success is due to the supportive environment in the US, and his government is working to provide the same environment back home.

“Your heart always asks when would our country become like this (the US)… I assure you that this will happen in your lifetime,” Modi said here.

Saying that Indians in America have not just helped India progress but also the US, Modi said that success and action of the Indian diaspora is still echoing in the world.

“You are the same people but your success story has a simple reason, it’s because you got supportive environment here,” he said.

The Prime Minister added that “1.25 crore equally talented Indians are there back in India, they are now getting supportive environment and soon we will develop India soon”. (IANS)


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