No let up in Pawan Kalyan’s attacks on TV channels

Pawan Kalyan (Photo courtesy: International Business Times)
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Hyderabad– Actor-politician Pawan Kalyan on Monday continued his attacks on some Telugu news channels for repeatedly telecasting aactress Sri Reddy’s video in which she used a vulgar word about his mother.

In a series of tweets, the Jana Sena chief once again asked people to boycott the channels.

Pawan Kalyan (Photo courtesy: International Business Times)

“Why should we read newspapers and why should we watch channels which abuse our mothers,” he asked.

“What kind of ‘Nirbhaya Act’ is needed to protect ourselves from these emotional atyacharis who run these three channels,” was another tweet by the actor.

Pawan, younger brother of superstar Chiranjeevi, said that public abuse and private apology doesn’t work with him.

“For six months you abused me, my fans, party cadre and film industry (and) as cherry on the top, you abused my old mother too.. You sick minded degenerates and now you send me feelers to apologise, privately.”

The popular actor also declared that he will constitute a committee for the protection of self-respect of women working in the film industry, which will be supported by the women’s wing of Jana Sena.

The ugly spat broke out last week when Sri Reddy, who shocked the Telugu film industry with allegations of casting couch and had staged strip protest earlier this month, used abusive word after Pawan advised her to fight legal battle.

With some channels repeatedly telecasting the abusive video clip, the actor declared an open war against them.

“If I cannot defend the honour of my mother, I better die,” he tweeted on Friday and rushed to the office of the Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce at Film Nagar to vent his ire. He was joined by his family members, friends and large number of fans.

He called for a boycott of TV9, ABN Andhra Jyothi and TV5, who he said were “making business out of nudity and profanity”, alleging that the owners of these channels had colluded with director Ram Gopal Verma and Andhra Pradesh’s ruling Telugu Desam Party (TDP) to target him.

Pawan named TV9’s Srini Raju and Ravi Prakash and Andhra Jyothi’s V. Radhakrishna and made serious allegations against them.

The next day Srini Raju sent a legal notice to Pawan, asking him to delete the tweets. The notice clarified that Raju’s venture capital fund has invested in the company, which runs TV9 and that he doesn’t participate in the management of the company.

Pawan on Monday posted on twitter his reply to the legal notice in which he denied making any insinuations. “It’s your client’s figment of imagination and may be perhaps a feeling of guilty conscious,” he said

The actor once again targetted TDP, saying in another tweet, that while the American Constitution’s preamble says “In God we trust”, the TDP Constitution’s preamble line is “In abuse we trust”.

Pawan posted Sri Reddy’s abusive videos with the message to the families of the heads of some TV channels to keep their children away from channels’ programmes. (IANS)


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