Nita Ambani launches women-centric digital platform ‘Her Circle’

Nita Ambani
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Mumbai–Reliance Foundation’s Chairperson, Nita Mukesh Ambani has launched ‘Her Circle’, an empowering and comprehensive content, social media, and goal-fulfilment digital platform for women.

A Reliance Foundation statement said that it is aimed at synergising women’s power with the power of the digital revolution.

“This first-of-its-kind digital networking platform aims to accelerate women’s empowerment and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood globally by providing them a joyful and safe space for interaction, engagement, collaboration, and mutual support,” it said.

Nita Ambani

Her Circle is envisioned to be a worldwide digital collective of women, beginning with Indian women but open to participation of women from all over the globe.

It is an all-encompassing content, social media and goal fulfillment community that caters to the rapidly rising aspirations, ambitions, dreams and competencies of women of all social backgrounds.

Nita M. Ambani said, “When women lean on women, incredible things happen! I should know. All my life I have been surrounded by strong women from whom I have learnt compassion, resilience, and positivity; and in return I have strived to pass on my learnings to others. As a daughter who grew up in a family of 11 girls, I was taught to believe in myself.”

“I am delighted that we can create such a circle of support and solidarity for millions of women through, a digital platform that invites every woman to join and make her own. With the Digital Revolution enabling 24×7 global networking and collaboration, Her Circle welcomes ideas and initiatives of women from all cultures, communities and countries,” she said.

The platform is designed to be a one-stop destination to provide women-related content that is engaging and upliftment-oriented even as it connects women to each other through a social platform.

It will also provide women with answers from Reliance’s panel of experts on health, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, finance, philanthropy, mentorship and leadership. The section on upskilling and jobs will help her find new professional skills as well as get job opportunities suited to her profile.

While the content, from videos to articles, is open to all, the social networking part of the platform is only for women.

“The social connect will provide her with a safe, women-only forum to make new friends with shared interests or ask questions from peers without hesitation. Her Circle also has an exclusive and personal space for women to ask questions to medical and finance experts in a confidential chatroom,” the statement said.

Her Circle is a desktop and mobile-responsive website and is available as a free app on Google Play Store and My Jio App Store. Further, participation in Her Circle is entirely free for its registered users. It will be launched in English initially and, subsequently, in other languages. (IANS)



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