Nimrita suicide story fails to cut much ice

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Islamabad– Suspicious death of Nimrita Chandani, a BDS final year student at Larkana’s medical college, dubbed as suicide by some, has shocked entire Pakistan.

She was found dead in her hostel room on September 16. Though her death is being presented, even by the police, as a suicide, the reality looks different. Also, her family members and friends are refusing to believe the suicide theory.

Nimrata’s brother Vishal Sunder, a physician at a Karachi hospital, said she was not the kind of person who would commit suicide.

Vishal said just two hours before the incident, she had distributed sweets in her college. “How could someone commit suicide soon after this,” he said.

As per her Facebook profile, she was a chirpy young beautiful girl with a positive attitude towards life and fairly strong financial background. Nimrita’s sister-in-law is also a doctor. She belonged to a prosperous family and also had a luxury vehicle at home.

Nimrita had updated her Facebook profile photo on September 14. She was looking happy. She recived good wishes from her brother and mother. She also extended her good wishes to her brother on his wedding anniversary. His brother and sister-in-law reciprocated too.

Vishal has demanded a fresh post-mortem by a private hospital to bring out the fact.

The death of the young medico has also triggered a social media campaign and people are demanding justice for Nimrita.(IANS)


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