Nick Jonas reveals what kept ‘me and Pri’ busy during lockdown

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra (Photo: Facebook)
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Los Angeles– Pop star Nick Jonas loved spending lockdown with wife, actress Priyanka Chopra, and the outcome is it has led them to starting a family business.

Nick also gushed about his infant niece Willa Jonas, daughter of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas, who was born in July.

Now, Nick has shared that he has finally met little Willa and is in love with her.

“I have (met her). It’s, you know, Joe and Sophie’s thing to speak about or not, but she’s the best,” quoted Nick as saying.

“I wish we could all be together, but that’s so many families’ wish and dream at the moment. But yeah, I’m grateful everyone’s healthy and happy. We’ve all been very fortunate, but looking forward to a time when life gets back to hopefully some kind of version of normal and we can spend more time together,” he added.

Talking about lockdown, the singer said: “I’ve been able to stay real creative, just working on a number of things, whether it’s music stuff or film, television development and writing.”

“But the biggest upside of all this has been that time at home, which me and Pri wouldn’t have had, had this all (not) happened, as busy as our schedules have been over the last couple of years. That has been an upside, just for a little while, kind of planting our roots,” he added.

Nick continued: “I think both of us also spend a lot of our time bouncing our ideas off each other. Having that support kind of built-in at home is such an amazing thing. We’re actually working on a number of things together as well, so it’s kind of a family business at this point.” (IANS)


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