“New education policy opened floodgates for innovation,” says Indian MP

Vinay Sahasrabuddhe
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Hyderabad– Rajya Sabha member and chairman of Parliamentary Standing Committee on education, women, children, youth and sports, Dr Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said on Sunday that the new education policy has opened floodgates for innovation and experimentation.

He was addressing the round table meeting of Mission 5151, an initiative of the Gramodaya Chamber of Commerce and Technology (GCOT).

Sahasrabuddhe said integration of knowledge emanating from rural India is very important for the country to progress. He suggested that cow milking too could be a certificate course; and any individual who completes four such certificate courses in related fields could be considered for a valid degree from an educational institution of repute in the country.

Earlier, Delhi Vasanth, Founder of GCOT and Trustee of Mission 5151 said, Covid-19 pandemic has forced India to look at and opt for traditional means of medicine which has proven to be highly effective in saving lives.

He observed that historically, Indian villages had knowledge of medicine indigenously but unfortunately the country lost that with time. He stressed the need to restore that great legacy of India for benefit of the future generations.

Prof R. Limbadri, Chairman, Telangana State Council for Higher Education and vice chancellors of various universities attended the event. (IANS)


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