Musk hits out at Biden for not mentioning Tesla during State of the Union speech

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San Francisco– Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that no one was watching US President Joe Biden after the president did not mention Tesla during his State of the Union speech, media reports say.

“Nobody is watching the State of the Union,” Musk said in an email to CNBC.

Biden touted the combined $18 billion investments by Ford and GM to build electric vehicles. Tesla, an electric vehicle giant, was not mentioned in Biden’s address to the nation, the report said.

Musk did not immediately return CNBC’s follow-up requests for comment.

Musk later tweeted directly to Biden saying “Tesla has created over 50,000 US jobs building electric vehicles and is investing more than double GM + Ford combined”.

Musk, who also runs space exploration company SpaceX, has an estimated net worth of over $235 billion, according to Forbes.

Musk previously told CNBC in an email exchange that “Biden has pointedly ignored Tesla” while noting that if he was ever invited to a White House event that the administration had “nothing to worry about. I would do the right thing”.

Musk has yet to attend a Biden White House meeting with other corporate leaders, including those featuring executives from Ford and GM. (IANS)


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