Modi must not ignore China’s threats as Nehru did in 1962: Chinese daily

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By Gaurav Sharma

Beijing–India is as naive as it was in 1962 if it thinks China will not respond to its “provocations” in Doklam, a Chinese daily said on Tuesday.

The state-run Global Times also said the outcome of a possible military conflict, which was “unavoidable” if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps “ignoring” China’s warnings, was “fixed”.

The editorial in the state-run daily came after a news report said Indian government officials believe that China will not risk war with India.

Like earlier occasions, the newspaper invoked the 1962 war between both countries.

It said: “India made constant provocations at the China-India border in 1962.”

“The government of Jawaharlal Nehru at that time firmly believed China would not strike back.

“However, the Nehru government underestimated the determination of the Chinese government to safeguard China’s territorial integrity even as the country was mired in both domestic and diplomatic woes.”

“Fifty-five years have passed, but the Indian government is as naive as it ever was. The lessons of the 1962 war didn’t last for half a century,” the editorial said.

“If the Narendra Modi government continues ignoring the warning coming from a situation spiralling out of control, countermeasures from China will be unavoidable.”

There has been no let up in tensions between India and China with their militaries engaged in a standoff at Doklam in Sikkim sector for nearly two months now.

China’s government, state-run media, think tanks have been threatening India with military conflict almost daily.

India’s response to the crisis has been measured, calling for a peaceful solution to the crisis. Beijing says for any dialogue to take place India must withdraw from Doklam.

India is for the simultaneous withdrawal of both their troops from Doklam.(IANS)


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