Modi hails ISRO’s achivements, interceptor missile success

Prime Minister Narendra Modi
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New Delhi– Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday heaped praise on Indian scientists for launching 104 satellites into space in one go and for carrying out test of Ballistic Interceptor Missile.

In the 29th edition of his radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Modi said: “India has created history by becoming the first country to launch successfully 104 satellites into space in one go on February 15. It is a day of immense pride for India.

“Our scientists have brought laurels to the nation, witnessed by the whole world. Over the last few years, ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) has accomplished various unprecedented missions with flying colours.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Modi also said the test of the Ballistic Interceptor Missile gave India a “cutting edge competency” in the area of security.

“During its trial, this missile, based on interceptor technology, destroyed an enemy missile at an altitude of about 100 km above the earth and thus marked its success.

“This is a significant, cutting edge competency in the arena of security. And you will be happy to know that hardly four or five countries in the world possess this capability,” he said.

On February 11, India successfully test-fired a Prithvi Defence Vehicle (PDV) interceptor missile designed to intercept and destroy hostile ballistic missiles in space even before they re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

“India’s scientists have demonstrated this prowess. Its core strength lies in the fact that if, even from a distance of 2,000 km, a missile is launched to attack India, our missile can pre-emptively destroy it in the space itself,” Modi added.

In the test, an incoming missile was successfully intercepted at a height of 100 km with a direct hit by an interceptor missile. The PDV can reach even higher altitudes.

About the launch of 104 satellites, the Prime Minister said the cost effective, efficient space programme of ISRO has become a marvel for the entire world.

“The world has whole-heartedly admired the success of Indian scientists,” he said.

Modi described one of the 104 satellites, Cartosat 2D, as extremely important, particularly for farmers.

“Cartosat 2D is India’s satellite and the pictures clicked through it will be of great help in mapping resources and infrastructure, evaluating development and planning for urban development.

“For farmers, this new satellite will be immensely helpful on a whole lot of subjects, such as knowing how much water is there in our existing water sources, how this should be best put to use, what things to keep in mind in this regard,” he said.

In his radio programme, Modi also said that there is a need to give more importance to women with increased awareness and sensitivity.

“The whole world celebrates March 8 as Women’s Day. In India, more importance needs to be given to our daughters.”

Modi also congratulated the women’s team for winning a silver at the Asian Rugby Sevens Trophy this month.

“Be it in the field of sports or science, the women of our country lag behind none. They are moving ahead shoulder to shoulder and are bringing glory to the nation with their commendable achievements.”

The Prime Minister said the “Beti Bachao-Beti Padhao” movement had brought about a change in people’s attitude towards traditional beliefs, and was no longer a government programme but had become a “campaign of societal empathy and public education”.

Appreciating citizens for their efforts towards a clean India, Modi said: “The government, society, institutions, organisations, citizens and in fact everyone is making some or the other effort towards cleanliness.”

He exemplified various events and activities across the country vis-a-vis cleanliness.

The Prime Minister then described the toilet pit emptying exercise carried out in Hyderabad on February 17 and 18.

“Toilet pits in six houses were emptied and cleaned and the officers personally demonstrated that the used-up pits of twin pit toilets can be emptied and then re-used. In these new technique toilets, there is absolutely no inconvenience or hesitation in emptying or cleaning these toilets and even the psychological barrier does not come in.” (IANS)


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