Meet the woman who choose a career in cycling at 51

Renu Singhi
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Jaipur–Proving the adage ‘age no bar,’ Renu Singhi, a Jaipur-based sportswoman chose cycling as her career when she was 51 year old.

“Four years back, I decided to take up cycling after my responsibilities were over. I always had a desire to do well in sports and hence I chose cycling,” Renu told IANS.

Within a span of four years, she has completed long bicycle events with distances of 100, 200, 300, 400, and 600 km multiple times and won a number of prestigious awards. She has pedalled more than 38,000 km in the past four years. Singhi, popularly known as ‘Iron lady of Rajasthan,’ is a great source of inspiration for people from every generation.

“I started with 10 kilometres and then completed an event of 1,200 km in one go. I never felt there is any limit. My dream is to complete 2,000 km in one go. Commitment and hard work are the key to my success. No dream is too big to accomplish if you have the will,” she further said.

Singhi, now 55, is a post-graduate in Geography and History. She is a grandmother of two and is a professional cyclist who is next participating in G2G – a cycle ride from Gate to Gate, that starts from India Gate in New Delhi to Gateway of India in Mumbai.

This event started in the year 2016 and is scheduled every year since then on the third weekend of December. It has grown bigger every year and enjoys a fan following all over the world.

Renu says she loves badminton, gymming and is a running aficionado as well.

She completed an internationally recognised Paris – Brest – Paris (PBP) event in 2019 where she finished this distance of 1219 km in 92 hours.

Since 21st July 2020, she has been running 15 kilometres every day followed by a cycle ride of 50+ kms to train for G2G. She has proved that with a strong determination and commitment, one can touch the most stringent benchmarks.

Speaking on her future aspirations, Renu says, “I shall take up the London Edinburgh London event at the first opportunity.” (IANS)


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