Massachusetts May be Holding Your Unclaimed Money: It’s Easy to Get It, Find Out How

Rakesh Kamdar
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BOSTON—If You have lived in Massachusetts for a few years, chances are that there may be some unclaimed money sitting in the state treasurer’s office either in your personal or business name. It may be a check that was sent you and you never cashed it or any other property or a gift card that you did not use.

Just got to the Massachusetts state website and type your name, and you will find out. It is not a spam. The website is managed the state government of Massachusetts, and the state will give you your full money.

“I came across an advertisement from Massachusetts State Treasurer for on WBZ 1030 – a website for unclaimed property – around six months ago. Few days later, I decided to check the website with my information and my company information. Guess what I found? I found around $1500 worth of unclaimed money (expired gift cards!) under my name,” Rakesh Kamdar, founder and president of DB Healthcare, Inc., told INDIA New England News.

Mr. Kamdar went through the claim process and got the check in few weeks.

“I decided to donate 25% of this amount to a charity. After receiving my check, I informed my friends on WhatsApp group, and some of them took time and found their unclaimed money,” said Mr. Kamdar. “I informed another individual who owned a company in early 2000, and he found eight unclaimed payment from his clients.”

Mr. Kamdar said that he could not stop thinking about how he could reach to our community and inform about this surplus money they have with the State of Massachusetts.

“I strongly believe in “Greatest GIFT you could give is YOUR TIME to people who made a difference in your life directly or indirectly” – and our community in New England has provided a home, family and friends to my family, so I reached out to Upendra Mishra and decided to write about this,” Mr. Kamdar said.

Mr. Kamdar quoted Andrew Carnegie as saying: “Surplus wealth is a sacred trust which its possessor is bound to administer in his lifetime for the good of the community”

“My sincere request to our community is to go to website . Review and understand the simple process, and then do a search for yourself as well as your business name,” Mr. Kamdar said. “If you know a friend or a family who moved out of Massachusetts, send them the link or share this article and help them find their money too. It could be a small or big amount, but its your money. If you find something, I request you to contribute some to charity of your choice too.”


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