Man gets 7-year jail for killing Indian worker in Dubai

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Dubai– A 37-year-old Pakistani citizen has been sentenced to seven years in prison, to would be followed by his deportation for stabbing his Indian roommate to death in October 2018 over an argument on leaving the lights on, the media reported.

The defendant was staying with the victim and others in a room at a workers’ accommodation in Jebel Ali, on the southern outskirts of Dubai.

On that day, the accused disturbed his sleeping Indian roommate and others by switching on lights and speaking loudly on phone, the Khaleej Times reported.

The unidentified victim and other roommates asked the defendant to switch off the lights. It led to a verbal brawl. The victim attacked the Pakistani man, who then stabbed the former with a 20-cm knife, according to the report.

The defendent admitted that he had consumed alcohol before the incident but did not intend to kill the victim.

The Dubai Court of First Instance on Sunday convicted the accused and ordered his deportation after the end of jail-term.

A 46-year-old Indian supervisor testified that the defendant was a visitor and staying in the room for two days.

The defendant can appeal conviction within 15 days. (IANS)


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