How to make your bedroom summer-friendly

Sonam Gupta
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New Delhi– Go for subtle hues like mint and lime, declutter and ditch the heavy carpets from your bedroom for a cool summer, say experts.

Sonam Gupta, Design Head, Tangerine, a soft furnishing home decor brand, and Amrit Borkakoty, Founder,, an online home styling store, suggest how:

* Always opt for 100 per cent cotton infused soft furnishings at homes, particularly for the summer season. This is essential as these are not just the perfect sweat absorbents but also soft to touch and safe for the skin.

Sonam Gupta

* Soft floral design and delicate stripes are the utmost prints that you can adorn rooms with, in this season.

* Pack up all the cosy comforters as well as the beddings, especially in dark shades. Remove over printed sheets and keep them aside, as they will look completely obsolete and out of fashion.

* Dark and bright colours trap heat, so therefore must be avoided completely.

* Keep the linen clean and long lasting by washing them in soft detergents every fortnight.

* Double layered curtains in the lightest of tints must be hung up. These do not just stop the sunlight from beaming in but the gentle colours create a peaceful ambience.

* Lazy summery afternoons can be made comfortable and interesting with an opulent seating on the bed. Add tube pillows and cushions in soft-hued colours to make the look more interesting and appealing.

* Ditch the heavy carpeting for your room. Rugs and carpets will generate unnecessary heat and this heat will make the bedroom look more heated.

* Ditch outdated papers, books and the likes, and remove the items that don’t belong in the bedroom.

* Decorate your bedroom with fresh flowers. Flowers bring a calm and poised feel to the eyes.



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