Mahesh Bhatt: Contrarian viewpoint a relevant part of society

Mahesh Bhatt
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Mumbai– Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who is gearing up for the release of his forthcoming television show “Dil Jaise Dhadke…Dhadakne Do”, feels that contrarian viewpoint is a relevant part of any society.

“There is nothing significant that can be made without controversy. Whenever you will come up with a new viewpoint, there will be people who will speak from its opposite perspective, so since when has controversy become a bad word? I feel contrarian viewpoint is a relevant part of any society. A house is built on two pillars and both of them are opposite of each other and it is not necessary that your opposite view is a lie. It’s also an equally profound view,” said Bhatt, at a promotional event of his show in Mumbai.

Featuring child actors, debutant Jared Albert Savaille and Hirva Trivedi, the show revolves around godmen and two children whose souls have been damned by destiny.

Speaking of the show, Bhatt said: “If certain sections believe that gods and goddesses are born in human form, then they have a right to believe it and we shouldn’t question that. People will know the perspective of our story when they watch the show.”

Mahesh Bhatt has produced television shows like “Udaan”, “Naamkaran” and “Tu Aashiqui” in the past. Asked what are his expectations from the upcoming show and what are his views on television ratings (TRPs), he replied: “I believe that this show will set the screen on fire. TRP is a reality and it’s not a bad thing. When you put your ship in the sea, then it’s common that the weather will change and you have to face the waves, but you have to deal with it, otherwise you will sink in it. TRP is like a game of tennis. If there is a world-class player opposite you, then you have to respond according to his game. In our case, the audience is a great player and when they pitch you a ball you better play it, or you are out of the game.”

Later this year, Mahesh Bhatt returns to film direction after over two decades since he called the shots the last time for “Zakhm” in 1998. This time, he is directing “Sadak 2”, which stars his daughter Alia Bhatt. The sequel of his 1991 hit “Sadak” also brings back the lead pair of that film, his elder daughter Pooja Bhatt and Sanjay Dutt.

“At the moment, I have signed non-discloser contract for the film. I can’t talk about ‘Sadak 2’ till the marketing team allows me to talk about it. I know you (media) don’t believe me (laughs) but that’s the only tactic I can use to get out of this situation,” he said.

Directed by Gurudev Bhalla, “Dil Jaise Dhadkea Dhadakne Do” will go on air from February 10. The show will air Monday to Friday at 7 p.m. on StarPlus. (IANS)


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