KnowYourMeds Achieves 50,000 Downloads, Now Averaging 500 Downloads Per Day

Kim Shah
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WALTHAM, MA—KnowYourMeds, a Waltham, MA-based startup announced that its popular app has crossed the 50,000-download benchmark and is averaging about 500 downloads per day, primarily from the US, Canada and Mexico.

The app is available on iPhone and Android devices. The app provides a variety of very useful and popular features – pill reminders, refill reminders, drug/food interactions, dietary considerations, FDA warnings and notifications. It also has a health tracker tool where users are able to keep track of any adverse reactions they might experience while taking their various medications.

The app also allows users to create and track dependent profiles for family members such as children or elderly parents.

“We are very pleased with the growing popularity of the app and its increasing awareness among users worldwide,” said KnowYourMeds Founder and CEO Kim Shah. “Since we officially launched our app in September, we have seen a phenomenal growth in downloads. There was clearly a need for such an easy-to-use app and we are filling this niche.”

“We have over 50,000 downloads since initial launch in September, and we are averaging around 400-500 per day currently,” said Mr. Shah, adding that of those who are downloading 70 percent are female and 30 percent male. “Age range is everything from 20 – 70 years old.”

Mr. Shah said that twenty-five percent of users have entered 5-25 drugs each in their profiles, another 25 percent have entered 2-4 drugs and the rest have entered just one drug.


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