Kidology: Giving the fairytale touch to kids’ garments

Ikkat Patch Lehenga - 1 Year to 5 Year - INR 8990, 6 Year to 10 Year - INR 9990
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NEW DELHI– Outfits inspired by Hollywood animated films like “Frozen”, “Beauty and the Beast” and “Cinderella”, customised for occasions like birthday parties, weddings and theme parties, are ruling the garment industry for children, say co-founders of Kidology.

A tour of the children’s fashion brand’s factory in Okhla here gives a glimpse into how the yarn is spun, the needles are pulled and magic happens in creating the outfits. Whether it’s the placement of a single flower, pretty bow or other motifs — it reflected the nitty-gritties that go behind kidswear, a flourishing segment in the country’s fashion scene.

Co-founded by Neha Sachar Mittal and Kareena Rajpal, Kidology lets customers step into its factory for customised orders. It makes clothes for age group 0-10 years and offers and offers made-to-measure options for teenagers and parents as well.

Ikkat Patch Lehenga - 1 Year to 5 Year - INR 8990, 6 Year to 10 Year - INR 9990
Ikkat Patch Lehenga – 1 Year to 5 Year – INR 8990, 6 Year to 10 Year – INR 9990

“Here, people come if they want some customisation done for their child’s outfit, or an outfit altered to their taste or colour or any other customisation that they might have in mind,” Mittal told IANS.

Kidology also collaborates with different designers, and believes in incorporating western, Indian, fusion inspirations, unique contemporary designs, high quality fabrics and exquisite tailoring.

The focus, said Mittal, is on comfort and fit with the use of non-abrasive fabrics, adjustable features and other product innovations in sizing.

The label also offers accessories, including headbands, handbags, shoes, hats, belts, bow ties and jewellery, with the aim to help parents complete each look with ease under one roof.

In the ongoing wedding season, there is a huge demand for Indian wear.

Kidology also offers a palate for another upcoming trend — a mother-child or father-child theme, wherein, the parents wear the same dresses as their children, being in sync with their little ones.

During the behind-the-scenes tour, one could see the artists working on the collection.

Mittal said that once the sample of the collection comes from a designer, a lot of research goes into a piece before production starts.

“We do our bit of research. Whether the sizing is right or not, the cut is right or not, will one shoulder style hold up all right or not, the number of layers that need to be there, the net added to the outfit should be soft or hard… all this needs to be researched thoroughly,” she said.

Her business partner Rajpal, meanwhile, said that pink is the dominant colour for girls, and shades of blue are in demand for boys. As for their export market, she said places like Dubai demand a lot of black outfits, Indian wear is a hit with the market for NRIs.


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