Kavita Seth: Wherever I perform, fans always request me to sing ‘Iktara’

Kavita Seth (Photo: Youtube)
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Mumbai– Singer Kavita Seth says she feels incomplete without soulful music.

Kavita is best known for her evergreen number “Iktara” in the 2009 coming-of-age drama, “Wake Up Sid”. She has gone onto carve a niche in the contemporary pop and film music scene with her soulful Sufi style of singing.

“‘Ikatara’ is one of my special songs. Wherever I perform, my fans always request me to sing the song. I am incomplete without ‘Iktara’. I have received immense love and fame after the song,” Kavita Seth told IANS.

She also recalled how she cried when she heard the song in the cinema hall, while watching the film with the audience.

“I remember it was the first day of the film’s release. I went to a theatre to watch it and I was so overwhelmed with the audience’s reaction. People were literally singing ‘Ikatara’. It made me emotional and tears were rolling down my cheeks. I never thought ‘Ikatara’ would become such a big hit,” Kavita said.

She recalled her first reaction after recording the song: “I returned to the studio and told (composer) Amit Trivedi that I was not happy with the way I had sung the song and I wanted to record it once more. Amit Trivedi said the song had already gone for editing. When the song was released, I realised how well it had been received by the people.” (IANS)



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