Karnataka’s NRI policy beckons Kannadiga diaspora

R.V. Deshpande
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Bengaluru–Ahead of the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas here, the Karnataka government on Friday announced a separate policy for the diaspora, especially Kannadigas from the state.

“Our new NRI Policy proposes to engage NRIs/NRKs (Non-Resident Kannadigas) in the economic, social and technological development of the state and work out country-specific plans to forge beneficial relationship with them,” said state Industries Minister R.V. Deshpande.

R.V. Deshpande

The policy will play a catalytic role between the state and the Diaspora across the world to build a progressive, vibrant and prosperous Karnataka, which is the country’s seventh-largest state by area and eighth-largest by population.

“The Non-Resident Indian Forum, Karnataka, set up in 2008, has been playing a vital role in strengthening linkages between Kannadigas and their cultural organisations overseas and wooing them to bring investments into the state,” said Deshpande.

The policy looks into aspirations and expectations of the Kannadiga diaspora and promotion of art, culture and festivities among NRIs and NRKs, and also “deals with opportunities in the overseas market, skilling and encourages Kannadigas to take up overseas employment”, saidDeshpande.

It also envisages creation of a date base on NRIs and NRKs to connect with them and share their views and experiences.

“We plan to issue Non-Resident Kannadiga (NRK) cards for special privileges and speedy services,” added Deshpande.

The state government will also identify and felicitate one outstanding Kannadiga in alternate year of PBD as NRK of the Year. (IANS)


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