Karnataka braces for larger Covid-19 spread

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Bengaluru– The Karnataka government has formulated protocols to tackle any big rise in number of Covid-19 cases, according to an official here on Sunday.

“Protocols have been formulated to allot resources for treating coronavirus patients in case of increase in the number of cases,” said a health official.

Till date, 146 people have tested positive, 11 discharged and 4 died of the infection.

At a meeting of top health officials, roles and functions of the personnel were defined to deal with the situation in the event of the contagion spreading exponentially, said the official.

The meeting mapped the activities to ensure care from reception at the health facilities to testing, referral and tertiary facilities.

“Though the state has been successful in containing coronavirus from spreading, we are bracing for any eventuality to avoid hardship to the affected in terms of managing crowds, serving food, mobility and data entry into different buckets,” the official said.

The protocols enable the department to assign roles to medical and non-medical staff for efficiency.

“The state government will also enlist volunteers to support the functioning of the dedicated facilities, if the number of cases escalate. The protocols will also tie up with community teams to handle follow-up actions,” the official said.

The protocols will be shared across the state to allot resources in accordance with the requirement. (IANS)



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