Kaneez Surkha: Consent is extremely important for physical, emotional intimacy

Kaneez Surkha (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai–┬áNoted comedian Kaneez Surkha says that consent is one of the key elements in emotional and physical intimacy that earlier was ignored as part of the conversation.

The comedian was present along with Indian blogger, model, and TEDx speaker Anwesh Sahoo as part of the chat show ‘Dating These Days 2.0’.

While asked about her opinion on consent in a relationship, Kaneez said, “It is extremely important. I feel like there’s been a shift into this conversation about consent, not only in intimacy but also generally in life. I think it’s such a great topic that has come into the forefront because consent is something we were never told about or taught about.”

She further added, “I kept feeling like I was saying something wrong when I was talking about my sexual experiences because I grew up in a generation where we were taught that it was a taboo to talk about these things.”

Anwesh on the other hand, highlights that he wants to continue having such conversations and exploring the aspects of dating, especially from the queer community’s lens.

He mentioned, “We need to focus on better nomenclature, vocabulary and better ways of storytelling regarding sexual intimacy or just intimacy, about safe sex practices, and sexual hygiene in a very smart way.”

The full episode of Dating These Days 2.0 will release on October 4, on Bumble’s YouTube Channel. (IANS)



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