Kalavaibhav Presents a musical concert by Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar and Saleel Kulkarni on May 14

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BILLERICA, MA— Kalavaibhav will present a musical concert “Maitra Jeevanche” by Pandit Hridaynath Mangeshkar and Saleel Kulkarni on May 14 in Billerica, MA.

Maitra Jeevanche is a journey of friendship expressed by music and created by Mangeshkar and Kulkarni, and an unscripted and artistically blended amalgamation of words, melody and rhythm.

KalaThese eminent music composers of India will present to the audience their compositions and songs along with explanations on why particular intonations were chosen for the melodies. In particular, how the feelings associated with particular words in the lyrics are exemplified by the music will be demonstrated, organizers of the event say.
The musical program will be held at 4:00 pm on May 14, 2016, at Marshall Middle School located at 15 Floyd St. in Billerica, MA.

Performances of Maitra Jeevanche are rarely held, and only a few performances have taken place in India in the last several years. This will be the first time that performances will be held in the United States. Well-known and popular songs composed by the artistes will be presented including Sakhya re ghaayaal mee harinee, Maalvoona taaka deepa, Tee geli tevhaa rimzim, Tu tevha tashee, Runu jhunu re braramara, Nasatesa gharee tu jevha, Deepang, etc.

This is an unique opportunity to listen to and understand the background of some of these famous music compositions.

Maitra Jeevanche PhotoKalavaibhav is a registered non-profit organization established in 2008 in Massachusetts to promote Indian Classical Arts. Kalavaibhav’s goals and undertakings include promoting and spreading awareness about Abhijaat Sangeet as well as Naatya by organizing concerts and dramas by acclaimed artists. Kalavaibhav has organized several music concerts in the past eight years including Black and While Hindi Stage show, concerts by Rahul Deshpande, Bhairav Se Bhairavi, Geet Ramayan by Shridhar Phadke etc.

Kalavaibhav recently collaborated and joined hands with Rangmanch and Half-Ticket to bring Marathi Movies in Greater Boston under “Marathi Cinema Boston”. Marathi Cinema Boston’s goal is to be a resource for individuals and families looking to experience outstanding Marathi films on a large-screen.

Members of Kalavaibhav team are Arundhati Datye, Vaiju Karandikar, Bakul Datar.


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