Jatin Pandit’s son collaborates with father on new single

Rahuul Jatins (Photo: Instagram)
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Raahul Jatin, young musical talent and the son of Jatin Pandit of composer duo Jatin-Lalit, has recently come up with his third single ‘Yaadein Aane Lagi’, a ballad sung and composed by him while the lyrics are penned by his father, legendary music director, Jatin Pandit.

The melodious romantic number features Raahul and the music production is done by Aditya Dev and Raahul.

“This song was not planned, and neither were the collaborations. We came up with this song in the lockdown. I was at home, everyone was at home. I try to compose something everyday. I don’t know exactly what triggered the idea of ‘Yaadein Aane Lagi’. I felt it had a powerful calling power. I came up with this tune, I made my dad hear it, and he really liked it. He being a musician, said, let’s work on it together, it’s something new. My dad is a very good writer also, although in most of his movies, he has not written himself. Since we were all in lockdown and at home, he said, I’d write this myself. Working with my dad, I’ve realised he’s very particular with everything – about the singing, music production, and he is extremely hard working. If he has something in his mind, the song must reach that level.

“What my dad has always taught me is that we learn a lot simply though doing the art, and the experience. That way, I’ve been lucky, sitting with people who have been doing this for a long time can really help out. Something that will take you a long time to experience and understand yourself, can be grasped by you in a couple of minutes when you learn from a master,” Raahul Pandit told IANSlife on collaborating with his father.

US-based actress and model Madison Trunnell features in the song as Raahul’s love interest. The couple is seen romancing in the lush green countryside, a vintage scenic house and beautiful locales in California. The music video was entirely shot in the US with a very limited crew size and following guidelines pertaining to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

“I actually intended to compose another upbeat number but with the general state of affairs, I believe there is melancholy in the air. The world has slowed down and there is uncertainty. I started with high octane notes, but I ditched it altogether because it just did not feel right and I ended up composing a ballad. I got my parents to hear a scratch version of it, my father was very gracious to work on the lyrics and we promptly recorded it. We recorded it in Mumbai during the lockdown. Then when I came to US during the later half of the pandemic, my producer Dr. Sandhu heard the song, and we decided to shoot it,” said Raahul.

The 3.30-minute-long romantic number was shot across San Francisco, Jamestown, Copperopolis, Bay Area and Sonora all in one day with a limited crew size of four people including the actors.

Speaking about the lyrics, ace music director Jatin Pandit said, “The idea of music has really changed with Raahul’s generation, so I was very surprised when I heard the tune in its raw form. In a strange way it took me back to ‘Pehla Nasha’ so I offered to help with the lyrics. The concept, melody and even the idea of a slow soft tune is all Raahul’s. I was tempted to meddle with the music a bit, but I refrained because an original composition is always the best”. (IANS)


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