Jaan Kumar Sanu: Taking part in Bigg Boss to carve identity beyond Kumar Sanu’s son

Jaan Kumar Sanu (Photo: Instagram)
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Mumbai– The first contestant for the reality show Bigg Boss 14 is Jaan Kumar Sanu, son of playback singer Kumar Sanu. On Thursday, Bollywood superstar and show host Salman Khan introduced Jaan while launching the season.

Jaan is also a singer, and he wants to step out of his father’s shadow. The 26-year-old feels, the reality show will be a good platform for him to carve his space.

“I think it (Bigg Boss) would give people an opportunity to know me more than just Kumar Sanu’s son. This is a very big opportunity for me to carve out an identity for myself because I can reach out to millions of people who are Bigg Boss fans. So this will definitely help me in distinguishing myself as Jaan rather than being Kumar Sanu’s son,” Jaan Kumar Sanu told IANS.

What was Kumar Sanu’s reaction on learning he planned to participate in the controversial reality show? “My dad was shocked in the beginning. There was a bit of a silent moment between us. Then he asked me, are you sure you want to go to the Bigg Boss house, because you know there are a lot of extreme emotions that happen inside that house. I said it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I definitely want to give it a try. He then advised me – make sure you just be yourself, then people will love you,” informed the contestant.

Jaan, who is currently under quarantine before stepping inside the house, expressed that he is at the same time feeling “nervous, excited, hopeful and very curious about a lot of stuff”.

“I’m a bit cautious because the pandemic is rising at a very rapid rate. Of course, within the house I don’t have anything to worry about because the channel has taken good care of our health. Currently we are all in quarantine,” he added.

While introducing Jaan at the “Bigg Boss 14” launch event on Thursday, Salman Khan said he may not possibly survive for a long time inside the house because he appears to be very “innocent” from his smile.

Quizzed what are his strategies to deal with unexpected situations like a possible fight, Jaan replied: “Given the dynamics the show has, the situations are never the same. It is always changing. My actions and reactions will pretty much be based on how the show unfolds and what kind of situations we are subjected to.”

“I can tell you this for sure that maybe I look innocent but I think if the channel feels that I am good enough for Big Boss then people should not take me lightly,” he summed up. (IANS)


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