Is summer worsening your Melasma?

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New Delhi– Melasma is a common skin condition characterised by discoloured patches of brown, tan, or blue-grey skin. Melasma is a type of facial pigmentation that appears in three areas of the face: the centre, the jawline, and the cheekbones. Melasma typically darkens or lightens over time, and it also gets a little worse during the summer.

It has also been observed that treatment for Melasma is not always required; for some people, it fades away naturally over time. Melasma, a skin condition seen in pregnant women or women taking birth control pills, fades after delivery or when the person discontinues taking the medication.

There are numerous ways to reduce melasma, but Madhumeeta Dhar, Chief Research Officer at Plantas, has shared a few simple tips to avoid/reduce it.

. Washing your face at least twice a day is recommended. Orange, Apple and Licorice extracts offer UV Protection, brighten the skin, work as natural toner & moisturiser, and treat dark spots. Hence, using a face wash with these ingredients may have a positive effect on your skin condition.

. A toner helps in cleansing the skin & prevents the skin from blemishing. Rose and Saffron’s extracts are known to help remove dirt and extra oil that remains on your skin after cleansing. It is important to use toners on your skin as it is a necessary step for skincare, especially during summers.

. Exposure to UV rays is a major reason that triggers melasma. Hence as a precautionary measure, it is suggested to use sunscreen with high SPF every time you are going out of the house.

. When moving out in sun, you can also take the help of scarves and broad-brimmed hats to protect your skin from direct sun exposure.

. The following home remedies will also help in avoiding/reducing melasma Aloe Vera Face Pack, Turmeric Face PackLiquorice extract Face Pack, Red Lentils Face Pack, Tomato Paste.

For some people, melasma can last for years and even for the rest of their lives. A person can seek proper treatment if melasma is not fading with time. No matter of what type of melasma cure routine you choose, the best strategy to avoid the onset or worsening of skin pigmentation is to minimize your exposure to the sun. (IANS)


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