Indian music is no longer just classical or Bollywood: Papon

Didn\'t experience racism in Delhi: Papon
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Mumbai– Award-winning singer and music composer Papon, who became member of Saavn’s Artist-in-Residence (AiR) programme this month, said that Indian music has gone beyond classical and Bollywood.

Talking about the constant changing scenario in the world of music, the singer told IANS: “Indian music is changing and people have a new idea of India through the music that is coming out of the country. Globalisation has made people more aware, more accepting of new trends. Indian music is no longer just classical or Bollywood.”

Didn\'t experience racism in Delhi: Papon
Didn\’t experience racism in Delhi: Papon

Talking about choosing Papon as the singer of this month Vice President of Entertainment and Original Content at Saavn, Gaurav Wadhwa said, “Papon is an icon in the Indian music scene. We trust that his unique ability to transcend traditional music genres will resonate with our fanbase and continue the AiR legacy.”

Supporting the Saavn initiative, Papon said, “The idea is to come together and work on interesting projects and make them possible. I fully support their idea of enabling artists translate ideas into music and helping it reach an audience worldwide. This association has also come at an important time for me as I am ready to release some new music.”

Papon, who has sung some super hit Bollywood songs like, “Moh Moh Ke Dhage”, “Kyun”, “Jiyein Kyun”, “Bulleya” and is founder of his folk-fusion band ‘The East India Company’, believes that it is equally challenging to be an established singer, whether in Bollywood or independent music.

“Both are challenging for different reasons. When you’re an Indie musician and wish to make your music, you put it out for people to discover. Bollywood doesn’t allow you that freedom. You have to work hard to get noticed and get work.”

Saavn already featured two very distinct singers of the country on their Artist-in-Residence (AiR) program – EDM artist Nucleya and Raghu Dixit – earlier and this is the third programme they are hosting.


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