Indian-American actor hopes to work with Bollywood’s Khans

Vandit Bhatt
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New Delhi–Indian-American actor Vandit Bhatt says he grew up watching Bollywood’s Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan on the silver screen, and hopes to work with them one day.

“I grew up watching Indian cinema. I am very well aware of it. I would love to do if the right opportunity arose and right vehicle came,” Vandit told IANS.

The actor, who traces his roots to Hyderabad, added that he left the country before he could explore that career.

“Before I could even try to go in that direction, I left India to come to the US and since then I have been concentrating in the US.”

Vandit Bhatt

Vandit moved to the US after his mother got a job in the country. He is known for his work in “The Michael J. Fox Show”, “Mercy”, “42 Seconds of Happiness” and “Ripped”. He is seen with Indian actress Priyanka Chopra in the third season of “Quantico”, which airs in India on Star World.

“Cinema these days is very fluid. Bollywood actors are coming to the US and making a name for themselves and vice-versa. So, I have been wondering if I will ever get an opportunity to work with someone in India. There are so many directors that I love in India and respect.”

So, do you have a list prepared?

“I love Anurag Kashyap. I love his work so much. It is fantastic. There are some actors who I love. I grew up with the three Khans — Salman, Aamir and Shah Rukh.

“I respect them so much. They are pillars of the entertainment industry. Working with them is kind of goal of my career. I would love to explore some opportunities,” he added. (IANS)



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