‘Imran Khan playing US card to build up his support base’

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Islamabad– Lisa Curtis, a regional expert who served under under the former American administrations, has said that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is trying to play a “US card” to build up his support base.

“It’s highly unlikely that any US official would get involved in Pakistan’s internal politics. I think Imran Khan is trying to play the ‘US card’ to build up support from his base,” The Express Tribune quoted Curtis as saying in an interview with Voice of America.

Curtis went on to say that Khan’s narrative could whip up anti-American sentiments in Pakistan.

“Imran Khan is trying to drag the US into (internal politics) and get them (supporters) interested in backing him by raising this conspiracy theory that the US seeking regime change in Pakistan.”

The premier, in his speech at a public rally last week, claimed that there was a “foreign-funded plot” being hatched to oust his government through a vote of no-confidence motion moved by the opposition parties.

Curtis made the remarks while was responding to a question regarding Khan’s allegations that the US was supporting opposition parties in Pakistan to topple his government.

“It’s highly highly unlikely that any US official would get involved in any way..US officials are very careful to stay out of the country’s internal politics so this is something that Imran Khan concocted to build up his support from his base,” she added.

She also said US President Joe Biden’s administration has been trying to work with Islamabad on various issues including Afghanistan but “there is absolutely no reason for the US to seek regime change in Pakistan”.

Commenting on Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s recent statement wherein he stressed the need for better ties with the US and reiterated that Pakistan does not believe in camp politics, she said that Islamabad’s military was trying to protect bilateral ties from the political crisis. (IANS)


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