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New Delhi– When it comes to fashion, it’s all about being bold and daring and this reflected in the millennial generation’s choices. Clothes are nor just a means to dress your body, but are an essence of your personality, mood and beliefs. Get your hands on these unusual yet stylish options and accessories from these five brands!

5 brands with a fashionable twist


Bummer, a leading comfort wear brand is on a mission to change the way you feel about your underwear. The way they fit, feel and most importantly your mood when you put them on. At the core of their brand ethos, is the ability to not take underwear too seriously. It’s underwear after all. The brand wanted to get in your pants and so they did it in the most fashionable manner. Bold colours & fun prints are at the centre of everything they do. For an industry that has been plagued by whites & greys, Bummer wanted to make sure you felt good on the inside as much as you did on the outside.

Saree Sneakers

At Saree Sneakers, the brand handcrafted sneakers with an Indian twist. Beautiful handwork, zardozi, chikankari and all the drama on their Sneakers make them very popular with weddings and brides as well. They have an exquisite selection including stunning pieces for every occasion and size. Their highly experienced team goes far and beyond to create breathtaking, creative collections, and Saree Sneakers make sure that your expectations are not just met, but exceeded.


Established in 1946, Annaberg-Buchholz, Germany, as an optical store and an eyewear workshop, COCO LENI produces handmade acetate and metal frames. East German goods weren’t flamboyant in design, but their skilled workmanship ensured that the frames lasted forever, and the materials used made them sustainable and eco-friendly.

Label Ankita Jain

The brand started out for women who are open to exploring their bodies and find the confidence to wear what they truly want despite having self-confidence and body-image issues. Label Ankita Jain proudly creates clothes for women to feel their most sexy and liberated selves. The team of craftsmen are true masters of their craft. With everything being made-to-order and handcrafted, our team puts in immense effort to ensure consumers have the best time wearing our clothes.

Orissa by Tania

Orissa by Tania (OBT) is a passion project born out of my love for handloom. Founded by Tania Khosla Taneja who moved to Odisha in 2014 and wanted to promote the beautiful textiles and crafts of Odisha. Odisha is rich in textile art with techniques dating back centuries. OBT ethically sources their fabric directly from the weavers – many of whom are in remote tribal areas unconnected to civilization as is familiar to us. OBT primarily uses Ikat and Kotpad fabric at this time but is also working with more clusters engaging in crafts such as Sabai grass and dhokra metal art in order to have the maximum socio-economic impact and create beautiful objects together. (IANS)


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