I’m very interested in women’s issues: Kiran Rao

Kiran Rao and Zaira Wasim in Srinagar
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Mumbai– Filmmaker Kiran Rao says she is extremely interested in womens issues, particularly the lack of control over their own lives and choices.

Rao has supported socially relevant films like “Secret Superstar” and “Dangal”. If given a choice, which social issue would she like to make her next film on, Rao told IANS: “I am very interested in women’s issues, particularly the lack that women have in control over their own lives and choices.”

Kiran Rao and Zaira Wasim in Srinagar

“What I find the most disturbing is the fact that most people feel that women need to contribute more to the GDP and be brought into the net of people who contribute financially. I think a lot of people forget how much women do – whether they are working in homes, looking after families or unpaid labour in agriculture and in many other spaces.”

When she makes films, she thinks a lot about “women who both don’t have a choice in their lives and are forced then to do labour without any pay and have no control over decision making in what they earn”.

Most of the women filmmakers make movies that are socially relevant. Does she think this inclination has anything to do with gender?

“I don’t think only women are capable of being socially aware or gender sensitive. In fact, there is a lot more need for men who represent most filmmakers in commercial cinema to look at things with a lens in gender sensitivity.

“I am really lucky to have been associated with these projects and I hope I will have a chance to work on a lot more such projects,” she said.

She moderated sessions at the Good Pitch India event, which was held here on Wednesday.
The event had various sessions and discussions highlighting the significance of social issues vis-a-vis powerful storytelling.

The second edition of Good Pitch India, a non-profit platform, presented four documentary films – “Writing with Fire”, “Climbing Uphill”, “#MissingGirls” and “Her Song”.

What does she think about the four films?

“I was so moved by all the four films. The desire they have to put their protagonist at the centre and look at things through the lens of the person or the lens of what these issues do at personal and familiar level. That’s the best way to create empathy for these movements,” she said.

Good Pitch India aims to connect good films with good people. Internationally known as the ‘Social Impact Entertainment’, Good Pitch India works on the model of creating awareness and consciousness through meaningful, thoughtful and evocative cinema. (IANS)


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